Guitar sustain measurement with Harmonic Tuner Sustain Analyzer

Short demonstration of Sustain Analyzer for Android: Sustain of a Strat-style (synchronized tremolo) electric guitar is measured with Sustain Analyzer’s modules & compared to a Telecaster.

1. Sustain Graphs module (Showing level decay curves of the first harmonics and Sustain values / T60 decay time in seconds & dB/s)
2. Sustain Bargraph module
3. Automatic recording of the measurements in a Protocol, store measurement as Protocol Overlay preset. Compare to previous measurement on a Telecaster guitar (Both measured on the D string)

What to see in the D-string measurement shown here: The low note’s fundamental frequency (1st harmonic) on the Strat-type guitar has a significant shorter sustain its harmonics and than on the Tele guitar (due to the strings on the Strat being attached to a tremolo spring system).
Both Strat and Tele style guitars have dead spot frets, where the fundamental frequency decays very fast (only the harmonics stay audible then), but the Strat/tremolo guitar has more of them on its D string – propably due to the tremolo acoustics as well.

The Telecaster measured here is a Fender Baja Tele (Ash body, 1-pc maple neck). The Strat type guitar is a low-priced asian model

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