Optimal intonation with Harmonic Tuner Guitar Setup for Android

Demo clip of the new Harmonic Tuner Guitar Setup & Harmonic Tuner Intonation Expert apps for Android.

Video sections:

  • 0:00 Check nut / bridge adjustment of a guitar (Example: bad intonated guitar)
  • 0:48 Check nut adjustment for all strings of an electric guitar (Strat type)
  • 2:11 Check bridge adjustment (some strings on a Strat type guitar again)
  • 5:07 Measure string inharmonicity for intonating an electric guitar in proper stretched tuning (Les Paul type guitar, Intonation Expert app)
  • 6:49 Check intonation error at the bridge (using the stretch tuning, LP guitar)
  • 7:28 Re-check intonation with the now corrected bridge intonation (LP guitar)

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