Sustain Analyzer for Android: Mute a Bass guitar to get the Beatles / Motown sound

The secret of the classic Beatles and Motown bass sound lies in the short sustain time of the notes. Use Harmonic Tuner Sustain Analyzer for Android to measure sustain times of string instruments or to adjust sustain times using string mutes. String mutes shorten the sustain times of a note’s harmonics depending on their material, size, pressure and position, shaping and defining the timbre of an instrument.

Sustain Analyzer allows to measure and compare sustain / decay times for the individual harmonics of the notes. Note decay typically varies within the note range of an instrument (Example: dead spots on guitars / basses have a significantly shorter sustain time on their first harmonic = fundamental frequency than on the harmonics above).

With the note protocol features of Sustain Analyzer you can compare sustain behaviour of different strings on your guitar or of the notes on different instruments (Example: Sustain behaviour with guitar different bridges, Sustain behaviour with or without tremolo).

Demonstration of sustain adjustment (with an adjustable foam mute) and systain / decay measurements using Sustain Analyzer and a Fender Jazz Bass:

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