Intonation Expert – Temperament Editor & Analyzer

Inspect the factory temperament presets, modify them or enter / create your own temperament presets with Temperament editor.
Temperaments can be compared with a useful diagram overlay function.
The harmonic consonance/dissonance behaviour of a temperament’s chords is displayed as deviation from perfect intervals (fifth, thirds).
Use your reference instrument measurement created with Intonation Protocol to fine and store as a preset with Temperament editor.
Find similar temperaments to the temperament you are editing using Temperament Editor’s statistics/comparison functions.

Youtube Demo Clip (Example: Creating a custom temperament preset from an intonation protocol measurement, German language)

Built-in Werckmeister temperament scale shown in Temperament Editor:

Built-in Vallotti temperament compared to another temperament shown in overlay background:

List of temperaments most similar to currently edited temperament presets and their best-fit root transpositions:

Deviation of all fifths and thirds within the equal temperament from the perfect intervals:


Deviation of all fifths and thirds within the Meantone 1/5 temperament from the perfect intervals, as activated in the overlay menu:

Built-in Pythagorean tuning temperament and its characteristic deviation of fifths and thirds from perfect intervals:

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