Harmonic Tuner – Overview

Harmonic Tuner is a novel accurate instrument tuning tool for musicians and sound engineers. Its special feature is to perform pitch measurements (0.1 cents precision) by analysing tuning and levels of up to 16 individual overtones (harmonics) of a note.
Harmonic Tuner is based on an accuracy-refined spectral analysis algorithm. Visualization is optimized for readability.
Concert A pitch ranges from 320Hz to 604Hz (+/-5 semitones, precision 0.5 c, ca. 0.1 Hz).

Grain Apps Harmonic Tuner is released in variants of different feature sets: Harmonic Tuner Free, Harmonic Tuner Strobe Look, Spectrum Tuner, Harmonic Tuner Suite (Full), Harmonic Tuner Intonation Expert, Harmonic Tuner Guitar Setup, Sustain Analyzer. Trial features demonstrate functionality of other variants, but full usage of them is restricted. While Harmonic Tuner Intonation Expert has the most features regarding tuning (unequal, custom and stretch tunings), Sustain Analyzer offers all sustain-related features.

Youtube Demo Clip (Examples presenting the tuner modules in Harmonic Tuner app and the module for reference pitch detection)

Each Harmonic Tuner version offers on online help for the contained tuner modules, these help texts are compiled as Manual (PDF).

Feature Details

Basic Tuner (unrestricted use in Harmonic Tuner Free version):

Tuning reference set up (Intonation Expert version offering stretch and unequal temperaments):

Select modules of Harmonic Tuner by swiping left/right or via menu: