Intonation Expert – Tuning & Inharmonicity protocols

For precise assessment of an instrument’s intonation, stretch tuning, temperament etc., tuning/inharmonicity of a whole series of notes is recorded and displayed in a diagram. When measuring keyboard with historic tunings, a Temperament detection recognizes the best-fitting out of a number of popular historic temperaments.
The intonation protocols are useful for checking and setting up guitar/bass intonation, for measuring pipe organs or to measure the intonation and tuning stretch of an instrument. Sets of measurements can be compared and stored. The raw protocol data can be exported as a table via text clipboard.

Youtube Demo Clip (Example: measure and compare different piano simulations on a digital piano regarding tuning and stretch, work with protocol overlays)

Youtube Demo Clip (Example: Guitar and Bass setup)

Tuning curve of a digital piano’s Rhodes simulation:


Tuning curves of different digital pianos compared using Overlay functions:

Intonation of the six strings of an acoustic guitar that needs a setup:

Inharmonicity protocol of a digital piano:

Inharmonicity protocols of a digital piano and a Rhodes simulation:

Data table of the measured protocols:

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